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Secret to a successful participation at any international trade fair

Successful participating at an international exhibition is an art but is also a very rewarding experience. If you wish to make the most of all the opportunities presented at these exhibitions, you have to plan early and consider some simple rules.
Here are some tips:

Step 1: Is the exhibition the right one for your products?
Choose an exhibition in a country that best fits your company’s objective.
Step 2: Get complete information on an exhibition of your choice
Step 3: Find out how much it will cost your company!
You will be surprise how affordable participation is.
Step 4: Complete the Application Forms before the deadline
State all company details and details of contact persons clearly.
State the size of booth you require in square metres.
Describe your exhibits correctly.
Stamp and sign the forms.
Step 5: MOST Important!
Before submitting the Application Forms, please read the terms and conditions clearly and carefully. Submitting a signed Application Form will legally bind you to all the conditions stated, including all related costs!

Fax or E-Mail the Forms to the organizers and send a copy to Messe Worldwide Sdn Bhd.
Step 6: The Booth offer
Once a space becomes available, the organizers will send you an Offer with your stand location, size of booth, hall number and other relevant details.

NOTE: No exhibitor or applicant may have an option to choose a preferred location in any hall.
Step 7: Confirming or Rejecting a Stand Offer
You MUST communicate immediately with the organizers to confirm or reject the offer.

Without a written reply from you, the organizers will automatically assume that you have agreed to the location offered.

You will be charged raw space rental and all related costs.

NOTE: If you decide to cancel your participation at a later date, you will be charged a cancellation penalty.
Step 8: Building your exhibition booth
You may make use of the stand building packages offered by the organizers. They come with different costs and varying levels of equipment and stand fittings.

You may also appoint an independent stand builder of your choice for a custom-built stand.

Consult us for a list of independent contractors.
Step 9: Send the RIGHT Stand Personnel
Your stand personnel must have complete knowledge of your company, your exhibits and be able to negotiate on technical changes and prices on-the-spot.
Step 10: Choose your exhibits carefully!
Exhibits must best describe your company's capabilities.
Step 11: Register all your exhibits
Step 12: Present your exhibits tastefully and never have a Pasar-Malam/Night Market type of display
LESS IS MORE at international exhibitions
Step 13: Copy Right Laws MUST BE observed at all our exhibitions
If you are producing under-license for an international company, make sure the Brand Owner allows you to exhibit that product at the chosen exhibition. Get a written agreement from the Brand Owners.
Step 14: Proper attire & Punctuality
Wear proper business attire.
Be punctual and be at your stand during the opening hours.
Step 15: Never eat at your stand.
Step 16: Stand Security
Set-Up and Tear-Down times are the periods when thefts mostly occur.

Do not leave exhibits and personal belongings unattended and make sure they are secured at all times.
Step 17: Accommodation – Book Early
Hotels and apartment during exhibition periods are expensive. Booking early may save you money.
Step 18: Travel Agent
Choose wisely and make use of experienced travel agents who have long term arrangements with hotels and apartment owners in the cities of Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or Hannover.

OR: Call our appointed travel agent for the best possible travel packages:

Corporate Information Travel Sdn Bhd (CIT) Tel: +603-2091 9818 or +603-20919816
Step 19: Use only reputable forwarding agents
Ship your exhibits early making sure they will arrive in time.

If you are using a courier company, make sure you have all the proper documentation done.

Get the telephone number and name of contact person of the courier company in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt or Hannover.
Step 20: Disposal of exhibits
If you do not wish to bring your exhibits home, find out about the disposal possibilities provided by the organizers and how much it will cost.

Giving your exhibits to potential customers may attract Value Added Tax or other taxes in that country – be aware!
Step 21: Other services provided by the fairground
Be sure to order for technical services such as electricity and water supply; internet connection and other services before you arrive at your destination.

Find out the costs of these services before making your order – they can be expensive!
Step 22: Invoices from organizers
You will receive 2 Types of Invoices:
i) Invoice for Rental of Raw Space Only and related expenses; for a Standard Shell Scheme Stand or for a Custom-Made Stand
ii) Invoice for services such as electricity connection, consumption, waste disposal, media charge and other services

Pay all Invoices on time
Step 23: Pre-show marketing
Make sure you send out invitations to your existing and potential clients.

Speak to MATRADE in Kuala Lumpur and find out how their overseas offices may help you in making pre-show marketing and other activities. Terms & Conditions apply.

Make appointments with fellow exhibitors.
Step 24: Follow-Up
Follow-up on all the leads you have made during the exhibition.
Step 25: Sufficient budget for continuous participation
There is no instant success at any exhibition. Continuous participation over several years will bring you the success you hope for.
Step 26: Financial Assistance offered by Malaysian Government agencies
You may reduce your participation costs at international exhibitions substantially by claiming financial assistance offered by Malaysian Government agencies:

  1. Market Development Grant (MDG) by MATRADE
    Visit www.matrade.gov.my for details
  2. Tax Rebate under the Double Deduction for Export Promotion Scheme
  3. The Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council also offer an Incentive Programme to assist exporters of Malaysian rubber products to promote their products at the international marketplace, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.
    Visit www.mrepc.gov.my for details